New Mexico State Chess Championship -- September 28 - 29, 2013
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The tournament was very well run and had a record turnout of 96 players.

I had not played in a chess tournament since February 2012. While we have been traveling I have been playing a lot of live chess on and Mostly I have been playing blitz rather than longer games. So when I saw this tournament in Albuquerque while we were going to be here I thought I would play. I found out that there is a big difference between playing live chess online and playing over the board against a live person. I have published the games here with my notes if you wish. Just click on the link to the game and you can play through them and see my notes. Here are some pictures. The tournament hall and player, Venus Wainright who kept everyone organized, and the tournament director, Arthur Byers.


David Lewis was my first opponent, he was rated 200 points higher than I so I knew it would be a tough game. He spent a long time on the opening, and gradually got a winning advantage. However, I should have made a better showing. I was playing to not lose rather than playing to win. David is on the left.


Game 1 - White against David Lewis

The 2nd game was against a very impressive young man named Ethan Ross. I was flat after my disappointment over my uninspired play in the first game. He took full advantage.

Game 2 - Black against Ethan Ross

I took a bye in the 3rd round because I can't play 3 long games in one day anymore.

The 4th round on Sunday was against a gentleman from Colorado named Dean Brown. We played a rather dull, uninspired game with no real mistakes and agreed to a draw.

Game 4 - White against Dean Brown

By the last round I was tired and discouraged. I played a local man named Larry Kemp. Please check out the game for the surprise ending.

Game 5 - Black against Larry Kemp.