OCG February Tournament - Orlando Chess & Games - Complete crosstable.

We each had 75 minutes to complete the game.

I had been frustrated with my poor play this winter (which I blamed on my having a cold or the flu the WHOLE winter) so now that I felt well I wanted to have a good result. So the first round I was paired with my teacher, Alex Zelner, who is a world class player.  Logically I should have coasted thru the game with him and saved my energy for the rest of the games. However, being the stubbern person that I am I decided to work very hard and give Alex as good of a fight as I could. When I did lose it was because I ran out of time. At that point I had in inferior position, but it was far from being lost. So I was very pleased with the result. However, I was tired. For your enjoyment, here is the game.    Bob McCorkle vs Alex Zelner 

Next I was paired against a 10 year old boy. He was rated higher than I was so I figured it was a pretty good matchup. After the game I found out that he was a student of GM Alex Goldin who also teaches my teacher Alex Zelner. I didn't play as well as I did against Zelner, but it was still an intense game which we both missed a winning continuation. But I did prevail. Here is my 2nd round.
Jay Wu vs Bob McCorkle

After my game with Jay Wu I withdrew from the tournament as my brain was simply exhaused from the effort. I need to practice making that effort in all my chess games so I will not get so tired.