2013 Phoenix Open:

IM Dan Rensch from chess.com was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me discussing the web site. I was interested in how it started, how many people were on it and some of the plans for the future. Dan was intested in some feedback from me as a user on chess.com. I told him that I use the live chess link to play people from all over the world and enjoy not only the chess but in some cases chatting with the person. I have learned a great deal from others about life in that region. I also use the study aids, chess tactics, and the virtual mentor. With some prompting from Dan I have started watching some of his videos. I have started with the video on Board Visualization to help me with my calculation and position assessment. Dan told me that chess.com had only been in business for 7 years and now has about 8 million players. Most play for free but there are about 100 thousand diamond members (the highest level) like I am. If you are a paying member you have more access to the improvement tools and you don't see as many online adversizements. We had a good conversation about the tactics trainer as I was frustrated currently you could get the answer correct and because you spent too much time on it you would lose performance points. I felt that the time element should be removed. Dan told me that the intent of the application was to simulate the situation people would have in a live game, ergo the time bonus. I still believe that you should get some credit even if it's just 1 point for the correct answer.

Now for the tournament: There were, I believe 4 titled players in the field.

1 GM Rogelio P Barcenilla jr Shown here with me.


                                                                             2 IM's Daniel M Rensch & Shahin Mohandesi Dan is shown here with me and Shahin is shown here on the left in the tournament room.


1 FM    Pedram Atoufi Shown here with me and above with Shahin.

To see the final results for all sections click here.

As for my games: (you can click on the game and play thru it)

 Round 1 vs Maclain Bonfield This was the best game in the tournament for me. Maclain is shown in the picture below.

Round 2 vs Rahol Reddy This was my worst game in the tournament. Rahol is pictured below.

Round 3 vs William Parker One that got away, and I don't have a picture of him.

Round 4 I took a bye.

Round 5 vs Richard DeMarias Got lucky and drew. Pictured here with FM Pedram Atoufi

Some additional pictures from the Tournament; you can click on the thumbnail to see the full picture:

I have been in touch with Paul Crawford from Colorado Springs. Paul spent the summer traveling around to chess clubs and tournaments all over the US. you can see his travels on his website: paulschessmarch.com He is pictured below in the maroon jacket on the right.