Arizona Seniors Open - Tuscon, November 9-10 2013

I wanted to play in some tournaments this winter while in Tuscon. The first coming up was the Ar1zona Seniors Open. It was a 5 round event with the 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The first 2 games were G/90 and the last 3 were 30/90 + 60. I was a bit surprised at the strength of the tournament as of the 19 players entered I was rated in the lower half. I played fairly well, just not good enough. I took a bye in the 3rd round because I simply can't play 3 games in one day. My brain is not up to it. I played, and lost to 3 higher rated players and won the other against a lower rated player.  I need to work on playing longer games and keeping my concentration up. So without further ado here are my games.

Round 1: Black against Morry Holland

Round 2: White against George Kline

Round 3: Bye

Round 4: White against John Burba

Round 5: Black against Steve Ostapuk